Affordable help in the areas of Business Development, Goal Planning, Marketing and Customer Relations is what small businesses need. No long term contracts, fancy studies or expensive charges...just help; educated and experienced opinions, fresh and tried ideas, as well as detached assessments and suggestions. Beth is currently finishing her Master's Program in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication call for more information and references in this area.
Individual coaching, one-on-one, can be beneficial whenever there's a need for change. Some clients are looking for direction, others a jump start or accountability. Clients may feel stuck or energized about a new opportunity...people in these situations have need for a coach! Most often we work first to define the desired results and then develop a clear plan. Progress is monitored and results evaluated and adjusted. Success is a given. Talk to Beth directly for more information and for references in this area. Beth received training as a Life/Executive coach through The Coaches Institute of San Rafell California.
Today's small businesses, in order to excel, have to operate like a Team...A Team that works together towards the same mission with respect for each other and the company. Often, just awareness and discussion of reality and vision will go far in making a group work effectively as a Team. One-Day Retreats with quarterly follow-up are what most companies are finding both effective and dollar productive.
Training Programs are offered as separate events but most often requested by small businesses in a package of 3 - 4 sessions tailored to a company's specific needs. A series of programs that build upon each other are most effective in producing desired changes and results!
Always fun, always up-beat, always informative! Motivational talks are like a bath, they are only effective for a short time...but everyone needs one on a regular basis. All talks are guaranteed to be fun, upbeat, informative and managements friendly. For sample seminar and programs see our Program Topic page, for fee quotes, give us a call!
Probably affordable and always of good value! Out of town will include airfare and accommodations cost. We'll work with you, your budget, your needs and time frames the best we can!

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